"Lucy"“I’m with Lucy” is an online marketplace. Lucy offers a wide variety of products.

We are different than other eCommerce sites as another component of our goal is to promote adoption of rescue dogs and to help rescue dogs with medical expenses so that they may be adopted.  A portion of all proceeds generated by Lucy will be donated to various dog rescues or dog rescue projects.

I’m with Lucy was founded in 2008.

“Lucy” was a tree walker coonhound mix that was saved from the Cobb County (GA) Animal Shelter by the Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption group.  Lucy was adopted in 2007 and lived in Atlanta, GA.  In late 2009, Lucy was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, which after blood transfusions and many visits to the vet, was too much for her and she passed away in March of 2010.

Lucy’s sites are a network of websites designed to help rescue dogs as well as raise awareness to over vaccination of pets.  Proceeds raised from this network of websites will be donated to various rescues or support various projects to promote the adoption of dogs that need homes.

Please research “titer tests” prior to giving your dog another annual vaccination.



After Lucy passed away in 2010, Tybee was adopted from the Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption group. Tybee was a 5 year old, bluetick hound mix. She was a great girl, who had a great life. We found out that she had cancer in 2015, she had surgery to remove it and had another fantastic 2 years, but she passed away in March of 2017.








Bailey was adopted from Rescue Me GA. She is approximately two years old, she was a stray from Jasper county, so we don’t know her exact age. She is also a hound mix. She is so sweet and friendly, still taking her time to get used to new people and enjoying her new life.